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Sprint EVO 3D Begins Receiving Ice Cream Sandwich Update

If you have an HTC EVO 3D and can’t wait any longer for Ice Cream Sandwich… it seems you don’t have to. Android Central’s forums are reporting that they’re seeing the update right now. Now it may take a bit for everybody’s phone to find the update; however, it’s a good sign that people are seeing it at all. If you have an EVO 3D, go ahead and check… Read more

HTC releases an updated Ice Cream Sandwich update list

As per usual, another company has come forward and released yet another list of devices that will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich. This isn’t HTC’s first time, either. The manufacturer is certainly trying to keep everyone informed as to which devices will be upgraded to the latest version of Android. You can check out the full list below. DROID… Read more

Best Buy offering promotional price drops on EVO family

Retailers are known for offering up promotional offers; the only drawback is the fact that they don’t last all that long. So, hopefully you’ve got the means (and the desire) to hop on this particular deal, which happens to start today, and runs through March 4th. Thanks to our friends over at AndroidGuys, we’ve got word that the Yellow Tag retailer is… Read more

Star in your own movie trailer and win an HTC EVO 3D

Sprint is sending out emails asking customers to enter their Be a 3D Star contest, in which participants’ photo and name are integrated into a pre-existing movie trailer. For each contest entry–one entry per day is allowed–entrants get to watch a trailer where they become a 3D star. Appropriate way to promote a phone with a 3D camera that captures… Read more

Sprint Premier EVO 3D promo

Sprint is sending out text messages that link to the May 2011 edition of Sprint Premier Connection. And the top link brings you to a mobile brochure for the EVO 3D, of course touting the 4.3″ display, Gingerbread OS, and three-dimensional capabilities of the device. Most importantly, the brochure features a button for clicking by those who want to… Read more

The Shack will buy your old EVO 4G for $100

Looking to upgrade that raggedy ol’ HTC EVO 4G this summer? Well, Good and EVO has it that The Shack will give you $100 towards the purchase of a New HTC EVO 3D when you trade in your EVO 4G or EVO Shift. The EVO 3D will run $500 outright and $200 on contract. The catch is, of course, that most of us who are rocking an EVO pulled it off by signing a… Read more

Weekend rumor roundup: G2x, Evo 3D and more

During a normal weekend in the Blogosphere, news is incredibly slow, and for the most part, nonexistent. Then you have weekends leading up to a wireless convention where major news leaks late on a Saturday night. In the past couple days alone, we’ve learned about five new devices rumored for different carriers in the US: the Nexus S 4G, Evo 3D, HTC View, LG… Read more