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Jelly Bean Update For HTC EVO 4G LTE Available Now

If you’re an owner of an HTC EVO 4G LTE, you’re getting a great surprise today. Jelly Bean 4.1.1 is now rolling out to the device, bringing wonderful additions like Google Now, expandable notifications, Project Butter, and Sense 4+. Sense 4+ has few new features, but the camera software has been improved, among other things. There might also be improved… Read more

The iPhone 5 Launches Today, How Does It Stack Up?

Hard as we might try on the Android side, the iPhone 5 launch can’t be ignored, and thanks to our friends at WireFly, we’re getting a look at how it compares to some of the more recent Android phone launches. Sure, we might have added or dropped a phone or two from this list, but with the EVO 4G LTE, Galaxy S III and RAZR M on here, we’re pretty… Read more

CyanogenMod 10 Nightlies Now Available For HTC One S, AT&T One X, EVO 4G LTE, US Cellular Galaxy S III

Feeling a little jealous of your Android counterparts that have already been enjoying CyanogenMod 10 nighties? Well, if you’re an owner of the HTC EVO 4G LTE, One S, AT&T One X or US Cellular Galaxy S III, feel jealous no more. Owners of the AT&T HTC One X (Evita), One S (Ville), Sprint’s EVO 4G LTE (Jewel), and US Cellular’s Galaxy  S III… Read more

Ting Shipping Galaxy S III Pre-Orders In Early September With More High-End Smartphones On The Way

One of the newer Sprint MVNO’s is Ting and we recently saw them begin to accept pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S III. Today they’re back with some more news with one bit saying that they hope to ship the Galaxy S III pre-orders by early September because pre-orders have been so overwhelming. They did mention though that they’re working to possibly… Read more

Own an EVO 4G LTE? Get a $25 Credit For HTC Watch

The HTC EVO 4G LTE is a great phone in its own right and now HTC is attempting to sweeten the deal even more for you. If you own an EVO 4G LTE then HTC is offering you a $25 credit for their HTC Watch program. HTC Watch is very similar to Google Play Movies in the fact that it also allows you to rent or buy movies and TV shows. All you need to do to… Read more

AT&T One X, Evo 4G LTE Overclocked To 1.8GHz

Four years ago, most computer SoCs couldn’t even reach 1.8GHz, but today developers have managed to get the HTC One X to that very speed. Members over at XDA have built an entirely new kernel, capable of taking the MSM8960 Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 to extreme limits. In fact, the new software even allows users to take the device past 1.8GHz through the use… Read more

Sprint Gives First look At White HTC EVO 4G LTE In New Ad

We first heard that Sprint was prepping a white model of the HTC EVO 4G LTE on Tuesday of this week and now it seems that we’ve got our first glimpse of the rumored device in a new Sprint ad. In the previous story, we heard that it was in the inventory for Sprint but no picture was included with the report. In this latest ad on Sprint’s website, we’re… Read more

Consumer Reports Gives The HTC One Series Top Marks

It’s not often that we refer back to Consumer Reports these days, as their smartphone rankings are often quite different than how we, as “bloggers” like to review our devices. Still, their morning news report caught my eye as they gave the HTC One series some top marks against the competition. The report did highlight that the HTC One phones aren’t… Read more

Sprint: The EVO 4G LTE Has Landed, Come And Get It

The day has finally arrived for Sprint customers as the EVO 4G LTE has finally arrived in stores. After a short stint in a US customs lock-up, one-third of Sprint’s initial LTE launch trifecta is now available for $199.99 at all Sprint retail locations and www.sprint.com. Let’s do a quick recap on all the specs: 4.7″ Super… Read more