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Leaked Email Shows Best Buy Selling HTC EVO 4G LTE On June 2nd

With Sprint already sending out word that they would begin selling the EVO 4G LTE inside retail stores beginning tomorrow — it was only a matter of time before national retailers followed suit. Thanks to the folks at Phandroid, we know that Best Buy is ready with their own inventory of EVO 4G LTE devices for tomorrow. Moreover, if you… Read more

Sprint Posts Status Update On EVO 4G LTE Inventory

With the HTC EVO 4G LTE clearing customs and early pre-orders now making their way to Sprint customers, there is a lingering question about store availability. Sprint took to their community forums this morning and gave a brief update that really isn’t an update. It’s more of an update for an update to be announced later: While Sprint customers… Read more

Sprint and HTC Giving Away Official TPU Cases Along with the EVO 4G LTE and a ‘Sorry’ Letter

Due to the minor delay of Sprint’s HTC EVO4G LTE due to Apple’s injunction, HTC and Sprint have teamed up and issued an apology letter along with a free TPU case with the phone to customers in hope to make amends. The letter entails: “HTC and Sprint want to thank you for your patience as we know you have been anticipating the arrival of your new… Read more

HTC EVO 4G LTE: The DroidDog Review

HTC has been determined to regain the position of top dog in the Android world, something they once possessed and eventually lost. In this last year their effort is beginning to show, with the launch of the One series of handsets. Many, including this very site, have praised the One X,  some going as far as naming it the best Android handset to date…. Read more

Editorial: Every Phone Should Have A Kickstand

Last Friday HTC was kind enough to send me a review loaner of the HTC EVO 4G LTE, and I’ve had the chance to spend all weekend with it. So far I have been really liking the device, and it shows that HTC is making some progress in its Android phones. Of all the bells and whistles the phone boasts, one very unexpected thing has stuck out to me, and it’s the… Read more