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Sprint EVO 4G OTA recall


Okay, so you can’t recall a software update, but it sounds like Sprint would take back the update they sent out yesterday if it were possible. After a strange install process that required reboots without prompting, and that caused some phones to install the software twice, reports of bricked phones and other bad juju are popping up all over the place. On… Read more


I’m not yelling, I just like titling posts with acronyms and abbreviations. And what’s a cell phone junky’s favorite acronym? OTA, which signifies an over-the-air update. I just installed today’s update on an EVO 4G, and we’re told this handles security certificates, WiFi issues, and battery life. I haven’t had the phone running the new software long enough… Read more

EVO 4G fully hacked, build issues, floating in space?

The EVO 4G had a busy weekend. Perhaps the most interesting news is that the phone has now been completely rooted, for real. As you are likely aware, the device has posed some challenges for those seeking full access. From recovery only access to some directories to one-click rooting that left /system unwritable, hackers have been struggling to crack… Read more


Good news for EVO hackers: you no longer have to settle for simple root or a half working ROM. Forum members over at Android Central have put together a 2.1 ROM that, while very similar to the stock ROM with all fixes, includes some bonus apps and functionality while allowing you to remove previously locked apps. It’s called RvU and you can get the ROM and… Read more

Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G launch


So today’s the big day we’ve all been waiting for! I’m hearing stories of packed stores, some not so crazy lines, and activation problems due to system overload. What about you? What are you experiencing in your quest for the nation’s first WiMax device and the ultimate (for the time being) Android? Send in your line photos, pics of you with your shiny new… Read more

EVO 4G root tutorial, given half-baked 2.2 ROM

Are you the daring type? Do you hack your gadgets as soon as they’re out of the box or do you wait for them to lose a smidgen of perceived value before tinkering? I’ve generally waited in the past, but as the process becomes more familiar, I find it less and less nerve wracking. Still, I think it will take some stones to dig into the inner workings of an… Read more

Noah’s EVO 4G unboxing and hands on

Noah from PhoneDog covered this year’s Google I/O live from San Francisco, and the I/O gig includes…a free EVO 4G! Yes, that was the free device for 2010 attendees. Pretty nice swag, eh? Noah was kind enough to give all of us a good look and he covers the release, plan, specs and such in the vid, so there’s no need to rehash them in text here. He also… Read more

HTC EVO 4G: June 4th


Those of you that read Breon Nagy’s super informative “Everything EVO” post already know this but I think a little reminder is in order: The EVO will be available in Sprint stores in a little over two weeks, and I’m guessing that a big chunk of our readers are planning on jumping ship, ready to sign the dotted line in order to get their hands on what… Read more

Sprint giving away EVO 4G + 4G trip + $4Gs

Did that get your attention?  It got mine. Sprint Premiere Customer can enter to win 1 of 10 HTC EVO 4G phones and a free year of service.  On top of that four finalists will win a trip to one of four cities including Maui, Chicago, Las Vegas, or Houston.  If that wasn’t enough, all 10 finalists will blog about their experience with the EVO 4G.  The… Read more

EVO buzz points to June


Of course nothing has been officially confirmed just yet, but Engadget hears that the HTC EVO 4G will be launched by Sprint on either June 6th or 13th, and that insiders say management is leaning towards the latter. Also rumored is that 8-device hotspot capability the EVO features will require an additional $10 to $20 a month, while 4G access just for the… Read more