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EVO vs. iPhone: camera usability


My post of photo and video samples from the EVO 4G and iPhone 4 has received comments from just about every angle imaginable, including claims of my bias for or against both devices, proclamations of victory for each phone in both the photo and video categories, and detailed setting and spec discussions. As telling as those samples may or may not be,… Read more

EVO vs. iPhone: data speed

EVO vs iPhone

In my EVO vs. iPhone unboxing I did a quick page load test that didn’t turn out to well for the EVO, which was exhibiting some WiFi glitchiness at the time. Now that the EVO has received a software update that addressed some of those issues, I think it’s time to fulfill the requests I’ve been getting for a more complete set data speed tests. Kepp in… Read more

New EVO vs. iPhone video samples


Those of you that caught my EVO vs. iPhone photo and video samples post noticed that the EVO’s videos didn’t seem quite right. In fact, the aspect ratio was wrong and 720p wasn’t available as a viewing option. Whether it was a technical problem with the EVO or a user error, I can’t be sure. But the first round of EVO videos were shot in VGA mode, though I… Read more

EVO vs. iPhone: photos & videos

EVO entry

UPDATE: All videos on this page have been reshot, except for the last pair, which feature my dog. I wanted to keep a sample where the EVO’s orientation didn’t properly register to be fair to the iPhone. When shooting the first round of videos, I made a mistake (or had a tech problem) with the settings on the EVO 4G. The new videos represent 720p video from… Read more

EVO vs. iPhone: displays in direct sunlight

Nothing frustrates me more – regarding mobile tech – than not being able to use my touchscreen phone in the sunlight. I frequently find myself on a busy sidewalk (at least I did in Portland – I’m not sure they have those here in Charlotte) slowly spinning on one heel, awkwardly balancing and attempting to navigate a device with one hand while shielding the… Read more

EVO vs. iPhone: unboxing and hands on

With the launch of the iPhone 4, a lot of people are debating the benefits of Android over iOS and vice versa. Of course, there are a lot of public conversations underway regarding hardware as well, one of the most popular being the issue of the iPhone’s reception issues when held a certain way. Does that make Android the sensible way to go? The way I’ve… Read more