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HTC One XL, One + and EVO 4G LTE Receive PlayStation Certification

HTC and Sony have had a deal for awhile that allows select HTC devices to access the PlayStation mobile app store. Well, it looks like a few more devices have been added to the list. Sony has added three new HTC devices, the One XL (Snapdragon S4 North American variant of the One X), One X + and EVO 4G LTE. This adds to the already present list of the… Read more

HTC Talks About Tablet Market, Staying Out Of It For Now

HTC has sold 3 different Android tablets in the past two years, one being a cellular variation of the other. They were the HTC Flyer, the Sprint EVO View 4G, and the AT&T HTC Jetstream. This encompassed both the lower end of the spectrum (Flyer was $300) and the high end (Jetstream was $700). HTC had said that the tablets met expectations and taight… Read more

Enable 3D System Wide On The EVO 3D

Sure, the 3D on the HTC EVO 3D has always been nothing more than a gimmick (and an often painful one at that). It’s definitely cool, and occasionally even worth a migraine, but it only allows you to play a few games in 3D and look at the photos you took. Not too much of a use really. Ever wanted more use out of it? A developer named jmztaylor on XDA… Read more

How To: Fix Multitasking On The HTC EVO 4G LTE

What HTC has done to Android multitasking with Sense 4.x has been a big controversy. Some people don’t mind it, and some people (like me) despise it. Every app you use closing after 5 seconds of being in the background is a bit ridiculous: answering a text kills off the previously used app, meaning you lose progress in your paused YouTube video or any… Read more

HTC Rezound Latest Phone Added To HTC Unbricking Project

Hard bricks, while mostly done with rooted procedures, can happen during a simple OTA update. No matter how it happens, it truly sucks. It’s not easy to handle the loss of a $600 phone, and more importantly, your one true love (I don’t need a life, I have a phone). Well if it was an HTC, there is a chance it can be revived. The HTC Unbricking Project… Read more

White HTC EVO 4G LTE Available on July 15th

We’ve seen Sprint leak this guy for quite some time now. But today, they have made it official. The white model will be available July 15th everywhere at $199.99 with a 2-year contract. Spec-wise, nothing has changed. It is still sporting the same 1.5GHz dual-core s4 processor, Super LCD2 screen, Android 4.0 and everything else you’ve come to know and… Read more

EVO 4G LTE Update Incoming, Wallet Fix Cometh

The HTC Evo 4G LTE has an interesting run-in with Google Wallet. With Sprint being one of the few carriers to fully support Google Wallet, it was expected to be working on one of their flagship smartphones. On the contrary, something went terribly wrong causing the Evo and Wallet to not play along. Sprint’s “One” phone could not use the mobile payment… Read more

WiFi Hotspot and Tethering Hack Out for HTC EVO 4G LTE

The ability for a rooted HTC EVO 4G LTE to be used as a WiFi hotspot without being charged by Sprint is something its been able to do basically since it’s been rooted.  If your EVO LTE is rooted, you can just download Wifi Tether for Root Users from the Google Play Store and your set as long as you use the Generic ICS Device-Profile.  However,… Read more

HTC EVO 3D Ice Cream Sandwich RUU Leaked

If you’re an HTC EVO 3D user, and you don’t want to wait for the official Ice Cream Sandwich Update, and you’re feeling more than a little adventurous, a new RUU files has leaked for your precious phone. No one knows if it’s the final update, or some test update, but people have been saying it could very well be the final update. There are of course… Read more

EVO 4G LTE Arriving At Doorsteps Starting Today

After the long delay in customs, the LTEVO has been arriving at some peoples doorsteps. It has only been East coasters that have confirmed receiving them at the moment, but I’m sure West coasters will get a taste soon. But it’s still great news that the EVO’s are out of captivity and finding loving homes! Sprint wasn’t lying when they claimed they would… Read more