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Sprint Premier EVO 3D promo

Sprint is sending out text messages that link to the May 2011 edition of Sprint Premier Connection. And the top link brings you to a mobile brochure for the EVO 3D, of course touting the 4.3″ display, Gingerbread OS, and three-dimensional capabilities of the device. Most importantly, the brochure features a button for clicking by those who want to… Read more

The Shack will buy your old EVO 4G for $100

Looking to upgrade that raggedy ol’ HTC EVO 4G this summer? Well, Good and EVO has it that The Shack will give you $100 towards the purchase of a New HTC EVO 3D when you trade in your EVO 4G or EVO Shift. The EVO 3D will run $500 outright and $200 on contract. The catch is, of course, that most of us who are rocking an EVO pulled it off by signing a… Read more

More EVO hands on time at CTIA

If the PhoneDog EVO video I posted yesterday wasn’t enough for you, check out this one that Noah and Aaron shot as the convention center was being shut down. This phone is full of wow: it’s a mobile router/hotspot for eight devices, can output HDMI, has dual cameras, and rocks pretty much everywhere that 99.9% of phones don’t. And in my personal opinion,… Read more

EVO to launch in late May? Uh, nope!


UPDATE: I was wrong. The author of the post I was skeptical about, which was submitted to me as a story for this website, has returned to remind me of this post and to gloat just a bit. But what can I say? He called it (see comments). Be sure to check out Wen’s posts at MobileBlab. END UPDATE ____________________________ MobileBlab is reporting… Read more

CTIA: HTC Supersonic is the EVO 4G

What could be one of the most significant, if not monstrous, Androids to date will be launching this Summer on Sprint’s 4G network. The device, which looks more than a little bit like HTC’s HD2, is the first to utilize the carrier’s WiMAX to keep you in touch. To be more specific, calls will be made via CDMA and data will transfer via EV-DO / WiMAX. We’re… Read more