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Samsung Galaxy Camera Available For Purchase In The UK

Thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Camera have been very mixed, but whatever they are, it is now available for purchase in the UK. The price on both Clove and Expansys is £420 (Clove has it for £350, but it ends up being £420 with VAT), and they start shipping soon. Clove expects the white models to ship on the 12th, while black models are delayed…. Read more

HTC One X+ Available In The UK, Pre-Orders Open For US

The HTC One X+ is finally available for purchase….. in the UK. Us Americans don’t get a taste of it just yet. The One X+ is available through Expansys UK for £494.99. You can order it from here and pay for US shipping, but there is another solution. Expansys USA has the phone for pre-order right now for $699.99. A bit pricey, but we are talking about… Read more

Unlocked HTC One X+ Goes On Pre-order At Expansys USA

There’s little question that the HTC One X+ is going to attract some attention in the Android world, but the biggest problem is its limitation to AT&T in the US market. That’s where sites like Expansys USA come in as they just placed the One X+ up for pre-order. It doesn’t look like it’ll work on AT&T’s LTE network, nor T-Mobile’s future LTE… Read more

Acer Finally Puts Cloudmobile Up For Pre-order In The UK

  Acer hasn’t had a major impact in the mobile industry with their main focus on tablets but they’re now beginning to move into phones as well. The Acer Cloudmobile was originally announced back at Mobile World Congress and is just now becoming available in the UK from online retailer, Expansys. It may be several months old by now but the… Read more