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Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon extended battery now on Verizon’s website for only $24.99

You’ve got your brand new Galaxy Nexus by Samsung on Verizon’s 4G LTE network, and you’re a little bit worried about the battery. That’s perfectly understandable considering how much battery life LTE likes to gobble up. With that in mind, Verizon’s offering up a nice little deal on the extended battery for the device, if you’re interested. For a limited… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon gets extended battery

While we still have no idea when Verizon’s version of the Galaxy Nexus will be launching, we now know that any power user needing just a little more juice can get it. Verizon will be selling a 2100mAh extended battery for $50, but there is a trade-off. That extra juice takes up more space, and a bigger battery cover will be sold with the battery. Battery… Read more

Review: Mugen Power extended batteries for the Nexus One

When the Nexus S was first launched, most owners of the Nexus One said said one thing: No thanks. While some do deem the jump to the “S” a worthy upgrade, most have been just fine holding on to their original Google phone until El Goog can come out with something to really top the first. Unfortunately, those original Nexus Ones are getting old. Say what you… Read more

Seidio Innocell Review

I’ve been through a lot of extended batteries in my days, but the Seidio Innocell 3200mAh battery is by FAR my favorite of them all! This battery is far beyond what I had  expected beforehand. I am able to get about 2-3 days use from this battery with wifi on, gps on, and the display at 100%. This battery is available for purchase at… Read more