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Quick Hangouts for Google+

Just a quick note about a new Chrome extension that enhances Google+: It’s called Quick Hangouts and adds a list of current hangouts (being hosted be people in your circles) underneath your “Start a Hangout” button. Now, if you miss a Hangout announcement, or if there are just too many in your Stream to keep track of, you can simply check out this new… Read more

Google+ Ultimate Chrome extension

Google+ Ultimate + Stylish + dark user style One of the cool things about joining a social network run by the creative force behind a bunch of other products you already use is integration. And having a Google+ notification panel visible whenever a Google web app is loaded is one of the key design elements that keep people returning to the Google+ Stream… Read more

Reddit Companion released for Chrome

Today on the Reddit Blog, the release of an open source Chrome extension was announced: Reddit Companion. The Reddit-official free add-on stays out of your way when not visiting a URL that has been submitted to Reddit, but creates a toolbar at the top of your screen when a Reddit post is loaded. The bar makes for easy voting, viewing the karma of a… Read more

Chrome extension: Turn Off the Lights

When covering Chrome extensions, I generally like to alert readers to software that is a fresh release, or older, but deserving of more attention. Today, I’m posting on an extension that has been available for well over a year, is available for every major browser, and sees nearly 30,000 installs per week on Chrome alone. Turn Off the Lights is popular… Read more

Chrome extension: exfm

Apart from placing in Business Insider’s top 25 “hush-hush” NYC startups that you need to know about, exfm (formerly Extension FM) hasn’t received anywhere near the amount of attention it deserves. BI blames this, in part, on the product’s exclusivity to a “niche browser” (Chrome is the favorite of DroidDog readers, and by a hefty margin). But more… Read more