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Updates Coming To Facebook For Android, Is It What We Want?

Facebook wants to be the center of your phone, and it’s pushing for it. However, after adding a ton of new icons to your app drawer, and people revolting, they’ve learned their lesson. They’re taking it slow. After updating the iOS app, they’re now focusing on Android. First change is that they are putting a Messenger button in the upper right hand… Read more

HTC Teases New Device, But We’re Unsure If It’s Even Android

This photo was posted on the HTC Facebook page, teasing a new phone for tomorrow’s event. The image doesn’t seem to be an accurate one, as neither Windows Phone nor Android have a clock that looks anything like that. However, it’s a lot closer to Windows Phone. For example, here is a random photo of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango in landscape: As you… Read more

Android Will Get A Native Facebook App, Not Based On HTML5

Mark Suckerberg took the stage at the TechCrunch dispute conference today, speaking a bit on their mobile approach. Over the past few years the admittedly lackluster Facebook app was based on HTML5, making it much slower than it needed to be. Zuckerberg went on to say that they will be redesigning the app native to Android, though no ETA was given…. Read more

Facebook’s Acquisition Of Instagram Complete: What To Expect

It’s done. Instagram is now owned by Facebook. The deal is complete, and Instagram isn’t that little hipster company anymore. What a tragedy! Not according to the two companies, it isn’t. The Instagram team may be already moving into the Facebook offices, but they say that the “Instagram app and its features will stay the same one you know and love.”… Read more

Angry Birds Teases Possible New Spinoff With Pigs

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNX-dEsf-sk&feature=player_embedded This cute little video by Rovio seems to be teasing a possible spinoff with the pigs as the main characters. Something PIG is coming, and we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more information. For now, hit up their Bad Piggies Facebook page, just… Read more