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We Might See A Black Galaxy S III (More Info)

Samsung put this image (and another) up on their Facebook, in an Olympics-themed album. None of us thought much of them. There was a little while before the launch of a man unboxing a gray Galaxy S III, and Samsung said it was nothing but the lighting. So seeing a black S III didn’t really shock us, probably some mess up on Samsungs end. The thing… Read more

HTC Says Remainder Of Ice Cream Sandwich Updates Will Be Finished By End Of August

We should emphasize right from the get-go that just because HTC says updates will be finalized before the end of August, that doesn’t mean that’s when the carriers will start pushing them out. HTC’s comment came in response to an inquiry regarding a possible Ice Cream Sandwich update for the HTC Thunderbolt update on their Facebook page: Yes, The… Read more

Samsung Facebook Page Shows Off Black Galaxy S III

We’ve already seen red, white and blue variants of the Galaxy S III arrive in the US, and now the company’s own Facebook page unveiled the device in black with not one, but three photos. Unfortunately, that’s about all the details we have for this color variant of the Galaxy S III, except for Samsung using these images as part of their Galaxy S III… Read more

Motorola Teases New LTE Smartphone On Facebook, Will Reveal Friday

Motorola is preparing a “big reveal” for this upcoming Friday with a new teaser on their Facebook page. Each day they promise to give a clue leading up to the big moment this Friday and today’s clue tells us the mystery phone has the “power of 4G LTE.” We’re calling it, it’s the Motorola RAZR HD. The funny thing is all the comments guessing the… Read more

Samsung Offering New Galaxy Customers Trade-In Program On Facebook

As if the awesome feature set of the Galaxy S III wasn’t enough to entice you to switch, Samsung is stepping up their game with a new opportunity on their Facebook page called “Samsung Upgrade.” If you upgrade to a new Samsung smartphone, they’ll offer you up to $300 for your old phone. Upgrading is simple. You’ll get a quote, purchase a new Samsung… Read more

Froyo Required for Facebook Update

Anyone that has the Facebook app probably has nothing nice to say about it considering the amount of time it takes to do just about anything.  With promises to make nice by delivering a faster, capable version the app is now requiring Android 2.2 Froyo or higher.  Other improved features include “front-facing camera support, a new messaging feature… Read more

Does Facebook Still Reign Supreme For Android Users As The Top Social Media Network? Has Twitter Taken Over?

Facebook has been and will likely remain a love it or hate it social media network. Some in the social media world, swear by it and others have sworn off of it for varying reasons, often transitioning over to Google+ as the new “it” social media network. So where do Android users truly stand with social media app usage? The “good” news for Facebook… Read more