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Facebook Timeline feature rolls out to Android FB app

Facebook released its Timeline feature and of course, the update hit the Facebook app for Android. The update includes Timeline and really, there’s nothing that is lost in translation. What’s surprising about this move is that the company has traditionally released the iOS updates to blaze the trail before Android got a taste, not this time. Based on… Read more

Gowalla Confirms Being Purchased by Facebook

When most people think about check-in services they think Foursquare, but some people might think of Gowalla. Gowalla is a service similar to Foursquare that lets you check-in to places and share with your friends. Gowalla’s main feature is it’s “Social Guides” which help you discover cool things in many different cities. Last week it was reported… Read more

Facebook phone codenamed Buffy, manufactured by HTC

Despite the fact that phones featuring a Facebook button have already been released, and feature HTC branding, it looks like rumors of an actual Facebook phone just won’t go away. It cropped up again when AllThingsD apparently got in touch with a Facebook spokesperson, who seemed pretty candid on the subject. And yes, as you may have imagined, the phone… Read more

Facebook Messenger App First Look [Video]

Facebook looks to improve their mobile arsenal today as they release their brand new Facebook ‘Messenger’ Application for Android and iOS. Some have avoided Facebook entirely because of the stats of its current mobile app, but this new release shows promise for a stable future. It’s a bit more than just a messaging app; there is a group location… Read more