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Nexus 4 Factory Image Available For Download Again

We don’t know why, but for the longest time, Google did not distribute the Nexus 4 factory image. They took it down from their site along with the binaries and never spoke about it. While we are very curious about what happened, we can at least say that the factory image for 4.2.1 is now back up on their site. The binaries are still gone, but at least… Read more

Nexus 4 Binaries And Factory Images Taken Down

Out of nowhere, Google has taken down both binaries and factory images for the Nexus 4 from their site. If you screw up your phone, and you didn’t download these factory images before, you won’t be able to right now. Make sure to find a reliable source if you do try to find them. Strangely enough, all other devices have their files intact on the… Read more

Factory Images For Nexus 4/7/10 Released For Android 4.2.1

If you’re ever in a pickle with your brand new Nexus device, and you need to flash back to stock, fret not. Google released factory images for all three new Nexus devices. The images are of build JOP40D, which is the newest Android 4.2.1 (get a free December with every download!). Keep them around for when you might need them. And if you need the… Read more

Some Nexus Devices Receive Jelly Bean Factory Images

Google has now released the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean factory images for certain Nexus models which allows you to return your Nexus to a factory state no matter how messed up it is. The devices included are: Nexus S - i9020t, i9023, i9020a Galaxy Nexus- yakju, takju Nexus 7 – all This is relieving news for those out there who enjoy rooting… Read more

Google Nexus 7 Full Factory Jelly Bean Image Released

Google released the full factory image for their newly announced 7″ tablet, the Nexus 7, on Friday.  The tablet was only announced by Google two days ago at Google I/O, so they’ve been pretty quick about getting the image released.  The Nexus 7 runs the new version of Android, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean that people and reviewers have been raving about.  This… Read more