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HTC DROID Incredible HD hits the FCC, LTE on board

It’s always fun when an unannounced handset hits our friends at the FCC, as it always gives us at least a little insight to what’s ahead. This time around we have the DROID Incredible HD, or 4G, whatever Verizon decides to call it when it is released. What’s important is that is contains LTE Band 13, which is what Verizon operates their reliably unreliable… Read more

HTC One X passes through the FCC

Looks like it isn’t just the ASUS-branded tablet getting some love from the FCC. The One X by HTC has officially passed through the FCC’s labyrinth, and with it it shows off those AT&T bands so necessary to launch on Big Blue’s network this year. Unfortunately, while it would be great to learn some interesting secret about HTC’s next flagship device,… Read more

ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T passes through the FCC

The Transformer TF300T tablet from ASUS hasn’t been a secret since the early part of this month, and during ASUS’ time at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona over the course of this week, the company has done what they could to officially announce their new tablet line-up, now and forever (maybe?) known as the Transformer Pad. One of those devices as the… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 passes through the FCC

Three days ago, Samsung officially announced the successor to the original Galaxy Tab. The Galaxy Tab 2 is a relatively incremental update to the 7-inch tablet, but the device is still coming, and in the process has made an appearance within the FCC’s gauntlet. However, while the FCC approval did reveal some minor details about the new tablet, we’re still… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 passes through the FCC gauntlet

Just ten days ago, the first document for the Galaxy Mini 2 by Samsung broke cover. The device itself is meant specifically for the mid-range market, but considering the market the safe assumption that it will have a lower price tag is pretty common. With the handset rumored to be launching soon, it’s no surprise that the device has made an appearance… Read more

Motorola Defy Mini hits the FCC, may come to North America

Motorola released the original Defy on T-Mobile way back in November of 2010, and it turned out to be one of the more popular mid-range Android handsets. Not too long ago they announced the Defy Mini, and it has now just hit the FCC with AT&T bands on board. As a refresher, it features a 3.2-inch Gorilla Glass display with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels,… Read more

ZTE V66 tablet finds its way through the FCC

It looks like ZTE may not just be aiming for Sprint when it comes to launching new tablets. According to a recent FCC filing, the manufacturer is also planning on bringing a new 7-inch tablet to Verizon’s airwaves as well. The tablet is known as the V66 right now, but we imagine that that will change by the time it lands on Verizon’s shelves. As for… Read more