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Samsung Galaxy Note hits the FCC, carries AT&T LTE bands

When a phone hits the FCC, it usually means that it isn’t too long before it is released. One of the most anticipated phones at CES this year was no doubt Samsung’s giant phablet, the Galaxy Note. Included in the certification was GSM/EDGE 850/1900 compatibility along with WCDMA bands II and IV. This means that it is ready for AT&T’s fresh LTE network, and… Read more

FCC steps in to investigate Verizon’s “convenience fee”

We reported that Verizon Wireless confirmed this week that they would be leveraging a $2 convenience charge for one-time payments. Ironic that we’re being charged a convience fee that is decidedly inconvenient. Yeah, we know, its ridiculous. So now, we need to pay a fee to pay our bills. Well, try to pretend not to be shocked but the FCC has decided to… Read more

Cowon Z2 personal media player finds its way into the FCC

There’s a bit of a mystery around this particular device, but what’s life without a little mystery, right? While we don’t know much about the brand-spanking-new personal media player coming down the pipe from manufacturer Cowon, the Z2 is looking to be a nice little device if we do say so ourselves. Sure, it’s only the back of the device, but you can bet… Read more

Motorola DROID 4 Passes Through FCC With LTE

So you want a DROID 3 with a MacBook keyboard and LTE? Lucky for you the DROID 4 is coming soon. Motorola is quick to replace it’s latest phones these days, and the DROID line is no exception. We’ve seen the DROID 4 a couple times already; it has a side-lit keyboard, looks a lot like the RAZR, has a smaller 4″ screen, and packs Verizon 4G LTE. The… Read more

Another Motorola Tablet Passes Through the FCC, LTE on Board

Tablets are all the rage with Motorola these days. Earlier we had news of the new XYBoard DROID eye and accessories in Verizon stores, now we have some FCC filings. Nothing out of the ordinary to report here. You can see LTE and CDMA bands, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and a view of the back of the device. This could be Verizon’s XOOM 2 Media Edition. It… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 finds its way to the FCC gauntlet

Samsung has plenty of tablets available, but that’s not stopping the manufacturer from making even more models. With the tablet race still going strong, it isn’t that surprising that the company wants to be able to have a tablet for all desires, and the easiest way to do that is to have plenty of different sizes. At 7.7-inches, it’s definitely one of the… Read more