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Samsung Releases Two New Ads Highlighting Galaxy S 4 Features

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=W5TZQZFjEIo#! Samsung is doing what other companies struggle to do: make good commercials with a focus on their product’s features. Samsung’s first ad is called Grad Photo, which shows off their new Eraser Shot feature. It allows you to remove people from photos by taking multiple photos. In the… Read more

Samsung Releases Video Showing Off Some Galaxy S 4 Features

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2LHv1FPd1Ec Yesterday’s Samsung Unpacked 2013 event was long and had a lot of content. We wouldn’t blame you if you felt overwhelmed, we did too. There was a lot going on and they announced a lot of new features. They slip the mind fast, don’t they? To refresh your memory, Samsung released a four and… Read more

Alleged Galaxy S IV Leaked Right Before The Big Debut

It’s the day of the big launch, and if we are to believe what we see, Samsung just couldn’t hold it in for much longer. The Samsung Galaxy S IV was leaked once again. A few of those earlier leaks seem to have been right, and now we have some nice photos and videos of the device in all its glory. With a more square design that’s still similar to the… Read more

Action Launcher Pro Updated, New Settings And Tweaks

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqDXXgugb5o The newest update to Action Launcher Pro brings the app to version 1.3 and includes a few new features. The biggest change is the search bar, which has been modified to be more useful. First of all, it’ll have a mic shortcut to voice search towards the left when you hit the search button. Second, the first… Read more

Google Cancelling More Services Beginning Next Year

Every year, Google decides to tidy up their services. Of course, Google can’t keep services running when few people use them and they stop being profitable or viable. So we understand why they kill them off, and we hope those of you who might use them can find an alternative. Luckily for all of us, their core services remain. Here is Google’s full list… Read more

Samsung’s Galaxy Note II Multi-Window Feature May Head To Galaxy SIII Via Android 4.1.2 Update

One of the most innovative and highly touted features on Samsung’s new Galaxy Note II is the device’s Multi-Window ability. Suddenly multi-tasking has become possible. For example, users can now have two applications open on-screen at any one time – a browser window up top, and a YouTube video down below all without slowing down the phone. Well it… Read more