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Poll: Are you interested in Mozilla’s Android-based OS?

A few days ago, SeaMonkey, Firefox, and Firefox Mobile company, Mozilla, announced that they are working on an Android-based operating system for mobile devices. The software would utilize Android for beneath-the-surface operations like managing hardware, but would feature a completely new UI. The “Frakenstein” OS is called Boot to Gecko–or B2G–and… Read more

Fennec Alpha available for Android (and Nokia N900)

I have been waiting to test Firefox mobile – pre-release title is Fennec – on an Android device for a long, long time. OK, a long time in the mobile tech world. And while there have been dektop versions, emulator experiences, some shaky phone installation procedures, and lots of photo/video evidence of Fennec’s existence, today marks the first occasion… Read more

Fennec video shows very early build

I’ve been looking forward to Firefox mobile for a long time. Since before the G1 shipped, actually. And it looks like my prediction of Fennec gracing millions of phones within two years of the day I took those screenshots in a virtualized Android environment could possibly pan out. Right now, Fennec developers are pointing to the end of 2010 as a window for… Read more

Fennec running on a Droid and an N1

I’m very interested in with Firefox Mobile – otherwise known as Fennec – will bring to Android. It could very well be the most powerful browser ever released for a mobile phone. And now, I can finally say that it has run on my phone. OK, not *my* phone, but a Nexus One…somewhere. I just don’t have time to fire up the Linux lap and get crackin’ with the… Read more

Android Fennec Progress

This may not look like the Fennec you were expecting, in fact it looks more like the Firefox you already know, but rest assured something’s on the way. Vladimir Vukićević, currently working on the project, had this to say regarding the screen shot: “Mouse events sort of work, toplevel windows sort of work, keyboard doesn’t work yet but shouldn’t be… Read more

Will we finally find Fennec in February?

If you’re a fan of or familiar with PhoneDog, you may have seen me mention Fennec in the past. You also know that it’s been in development for some time. If this is the first you’re hearing of it, check it out. It’s basically Firefox mobile, and it’s got all kinds of cool features. I’ve been waiting and waiting for word on an Android release, and it looks… Read more

Fennec Android launch draws near…er

I’m going to mention my source at the beginning of this post rather than at the end, as I usually do, because I’m straight up snagging his layout by wraping my text around that image to the left. So, thank you, Frederic Lardinois from ReadWriteWeb. Mozilla enthusiasts, Firefox fanatics, and PhoneDog fans already know what that cute and fuzzy – yet… Read more