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Google May be Bringing Fiber To Austin, Texas

Google has announced that it will be making a big announcement with the city of Austin, Texas. They did not state what the announcement was about, but they say it’s really important. So important, in fact, that over 100 community leaders and elected officials will be there. Here is the full statement by Google: On Tuesday, April 9, at 11 a.m., the… Read more

Google Fiber Already Has Over 3,900 Pre-Registrations

Google’s latest endeavor as an Internet Service Provider seems to be taking off, in many sorts. Google asked for people to pre-register so that they could know where to focus their initial rollout the most. These neighborhoods with the most interest will obviously receive the service first. And, as expected, people are showing huge interest in the first… Read more

Google Fiber Launched In Kansas City, Pre-Register Now!

Google Fiber is now arriving! While not quite ready, they have opened it up to pre-registering. However, it’s not as easy as that. To get Fiber in your area, you’ll have to rally your neighbors to pre-register along with you. If enough people do so, Google will buid a fiber infrastructure there and the whole neighborhood can use it! So when you’re… Read more

Google Fiber Coming To Kansas City July 26th

It looks like Google Fiber is just about ready to debut! They gave a date of July 26th for the big day, and the first city to get it will be Kansas City. Google says their internet is 100 times faster than broadband. I’d love to see a speed test, and I’d love to have Google Fiber in general. Faster internet already sounds great to me. Watch the video… Read more