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Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Rogers and Fido seeing price drop to $50 on a three-year contract

The Galaxy Nexus by Samsung hasn’t been available for Rogers and Fido up in Canada all that long, but it looks like Best Buy is looking to set a pretty significant price drop for the device for those willing to sign a new, lengthy contract. After the initial price drop from $159.99 to only $99.99, seeing the first Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-equipped… Read more

Motorola RAZR to launch on Fido January 10

Earlier today we learned that Canadian carriers Rogers and Fido would be launching the Galaxy Nexus on January 10, but Fido will also be receiving an extra treat. Motorola has just announced via its Canadian Twitter account that Fido will be receiving the RAZR on January 10 for $100 on a three-year contract. The next week is looking good for Fido, and will… Read more

Rogers and Fido get the Galaxy Nexus on January 10th

Looks like Verizon’s exclusive chokehold on the Galaxy Nexus is just about done. Wrapped up in less than a month so hopefully, Verizon has taken advantage of the small head start. In any case, looks like following Bell and Virgin’s announcement that they would be carrying the new Samsung flagship device, Rogers and Fido are getting on the band… Read more

Motorola RAZR to be released on Fido

There are a lot of carrier choices out there for consumers. Even when not considering the big nationwide carriers (i.e. Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T), there are plenty of smaller shops that offer great pricing and passable service. One such carrier is Fido. Fido’s service plans start at a mind-blowing $15/mo (for 50 minutes of call time and free… Read more