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Firefox For Android Updated With Tablet Improvements

The new update for Firefox For Android mostly focuses on tablets, which is great. It comes with a new UI, which is absolutely gorgeous. Very well thought out. Here is a full changelog: Native UI for tablets, including faster startup and a beautiful new Awesome Bar! Desktop sites can now be requested from the menu Even better tabs experience -… Read more

Guide To Adobe Flash On Jelly Bean Devices

As you probably know, Jelly Bean is not supported by Adobe Flash. They will not be updating Flash to work on Jelly Bean, which is a real shame. Sure, Flash never worked too well (even on computers), but it was the fact that we had that option which made Android special in one more way. Luckily, all hope is not lost. Getting Flash working on devices… Read more

App Review: Firefox Beta For Android

I remember when the first builds of Firefox for Android came out. I was a die-hard Firefox user at the time, and I was very excited. I finally got my hands on it, and fired it up. And waited. And waited. And waited. Why is it taking so long to start? This became commonplace, as Firefox was such a heavy browser, it took ages to start. I tried to bear… Read more

Firefox 9.0 updated and available for Android

If you’re a fan of Mozilla’s Firefox web Browser, then you probably have it downloaded on your phone. If you’re someone who’s been using the Browser as your mainstay go-to service to finding your way on the World Wide Web, then you’ll be happy to know the software has finally been updated to version 9.0 and it is available now in the Android Market. The… Read more

Google Search and Firefox Partnership Unclear for the Future

The year has not been kind to Firefox. Once it sat as the darling child and easy alternative to Internet Explorer, but in the last three years since Chrome’s existence times have been tough. Recent reports put Firefox below IE and Chrome as the third most popular browser. The problem for Firefox is it’s most important partner and biggest rival are… Read more

Poll: Are you interested in Mozilla’s Android-based OS?

A few days ago, SeaMonkey, Firefox, and Firefox Mobile company, Mozilla, announced that they are working on an Android-based operating system for mobile devices. The software would utilize Android for beneath-the-surface operations like managing hardware, but would feature a completely new UI. The “Frakenstein” OS is called Boot to Gecko–or B2G–and… Read more

MKB Reviews: Firefox 4.0 for Android

The BETA label has been recently removed from the mobile version of one of the most popular web browsers around. Mozilla’s Firefox 4 web client for Android takes customization, sync and functionality to a whole new level with this particular application, but this isn’t without its downfalls. What’s so great about this web browser? Let’s find… Read more

Firefox 4 for Android available now

The time has finally come. Just last week, Firefox 4 RC3 for Android made its way onto the Android Market, and as everything was good to go, the app has come out of RC status and gone official. Available from the Market now, Firefox 4 features several tools to keep your mobile devices in sync with how you browse from home. Not only can you… Read more