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Firefox 4 RC for Android available now

The newest version of Mozilla’s Firefox browser — 4.0 Release Candidate — has made it’s way to Android handsets via the Android Market, and so far things are looking great. Among being able to sync bookmarks, history, passwords, and tabs between your Android device and computer, Firefox 4 RC adds improved sync overall, better scrolling/zooming, and… Read more

Firefox 4 beta released for Android and Maemo

Mozilla announced today that the latest beta of their Firefox 4 mobile browser is now available in the Android Market and via direct download for Maemo devices. While it still clocks in at about 14MB after a fresh install and packs a couple of lbs on shortly after, Firefox mobile has been trimmed down a bit since the initial alpha release. It can also… Read more

Firefox for Android Beta 1

We’ve been waiting and waiting for Firefox to become available to the public on Android devices (I’ve been waiting for two years), and the time has finally come where anyone with an Android can test it out. The browser, previously known as Fennec, is just in it’s first beta, so don’t expect market quality performance from what will eventually be one of… Read more

Android Fennec Progress

This may not look like the Fennec you were expecting, in fact it looks more like the Firefox you already know, but rest assured something’s on the way. Vladimir Vukićević, currently working on the project, had this to say regarding the screen shot: “Mouse events sort of work, toplevel windows sort of work, keyboard doesn’t work yet but shouldn’t be… Read more