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Sony SmartWatch Now Open To Hackers And Custom Firmware

Smart watches are blowing up in popularity right now, and new models are coming out left and right. But what about the established models? Sony’s own SmartWatch has been out for a while and has seen some popularity, so Sony is now doing something awesome to extend its life and usefulness: They’re opening it up to hackers and letting them mess with it…. Read more

Nexus 4 With Android 4.3 Seen At Thailand Mobile Expo

We’ve heard pretty much nothing about Android 4.3 aside from it being confirmed by some sources, along with a June 10th release date (that’ll also bring a white Nexus 4). Now we finally get to see a little more detail! This Nexus 4, running what looks to be a legitimate build of Android 4.3, was found at a mobile expo in Thailand. It has a kernel built… Read more

Samsung Could Be Looking Into Fingerprint Readers For Phones

Looking through a leaked firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S III, it was noticed that Samsung may have forgotten to take out a few elements. Found in SecSettings.apk\res\drawable-hdpi, there were a bunch of files related to fingerprints and the registering of said fingerprints. Could Samsung be testing a device with a fingerprint reader on it? These… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Firmware Leaked

According to new a report out of SamMobile, Samsung is making plans to give the Galaxy S III many of the features included in the new Galaxy S 4. Thanks to newly leaked I9300XXUFME3 4.2.2 firmware, this new update gives us some insight as to the features that will be included if and when Samsung ultimately decides to seed this to the world. All… Read more

Galaxy S III Gets A 4.2.1 Firmware Leak

It looks like Samsung is hard at work updating their flagship, the Galaxy S III, because the latest leak is actually 4.2.1. Yes, the Galaxy S III is being upgraded to the latest Android version sometime soon (probably after the S IV launch). The leaked firmware is actually stable according to SamMobile, but will raise your flash counter. Of course,… Read more

Verizon Galaxy S III Gets 4.1.2 Leak

If you’re the flashing type and have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III, you’re in for a treat. The first 4.1.2 build has been leaked for the Verizon S III. It might not be completely stable, as it is not a finished build but just a leak, but it should be a fun ride. The standard stuff applies: Flashing can be dangerous, no one is responsible for any… Read more

Samsung In The Process Of Fixing Galaxy S III Sudden Death Issue

Last we heard, small batches of Samsung Galaxy S III’s were dying out of nowhere. Sometimes, people rebooted their phones and the phone would refuse to turn on. Many speculated it had something to do with the memory, but we do know that the entire mainboard has to be replaced. Fortunately, Samsung has been great about it and replacing phones no matter… Read more

4.1.2 Build For Galaxy S III Leaks, Has Many Note II Features Including Multi View

The Samsung Galaxy S III has been rumored to get multi view for a while. If you don’t know, multi view is a feature introduced on the Galaxy Note II that lets you run two apps at the same time split screen. One goes on top of the other and you can see both at once. It’s a really cool feature for multitasking, especially on the Note II’s massive 5.5″… Read more

Samsung Epic 4G Touch Gets New ICS Leak, Missing Pinch To Zoom

A lot of devices had local search removed in updates to prevent lawsuits by Apple, but (in my opinion) this wasn’t a big usability issue and could easily be worked around. Now we may have a more serious problem on our hands. The newest ICS leak for the Epic 4G Touch (it’s been getting tons of new leaks) has all pinch to zoom functionality removed…. Read more