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HTC One X For AT&T First Impressions

HTC’s One X has been out for awhile now, we even have a couple reviews up of the international version. One thing we do not have, however, is anything on the AT&T model, available here in the US. It’s been out for a few weeks now, but that’s not going to stop us from putting it through the paces. The nice FedEx man brought me the device at about 9… Read more

Asus Transformer Prime First Impressions [Video]

The Asus Transformer Prime has been one of the most anticipated and elusive gadgets of the beginning of the new year. It is backordered and sold out nearly everywhere, and orders are beginning to trickle out from a few online retailers. Now that we finally have our hands on one, is it worth the wait? Is it worth the $499 for the base model? Let’s take a… Read more

HTC Status: first impressions

Not everyone needs a big, expensive, all-touch cell phone, not to mention the often hefty monthly carrier plans that go along with them. And at $49.99 on contract with a $15 minimum monthly data plan, HTC’s Android 2.3.3-equipped Status–a.k.a. ChaCha–is a neat little social/messaging gadget for those who like technology but don’t want to make it the… Read more

Samsung Infuse 4G: first impressions

We generally like to introduce a new device in our arsenal with a video unboxing and then follow up with photo/video samples, a full, written review, and possibly some Q&A vids. But we don’t want to hold out on content while taking care of some glitches in our video editing department, so here is our first still photo unboxing and first impressions… Read more