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Root: Free HTC First SIM Unlock Now Available

The HTC First is a good little phone. With pure stock Android in a small size with some competent specs, it could please most people. If you want to learn more about it, read our full review! And for rooted users, a simple unlock method has been released. Using the unlock code given inside the phone itself, it is possible to SIM unlock the device… Read more

HTC First UK Launch Being Held Off Indefinitely

The HTC First was released with a lot riding on it. It was HTC’s only other current gen device released, aside from the HTC One, and it was their second attempt at a Facebook phone. The partnership with Facebook apparently didn’t work out, as many say Facebook Home was supposed to be delayed to give the HTC First time to sell with an “exclusive” piece… Read more

Facebook Home On The HTC First [Video]

I’ve had the HTC First for almost two weeks, and I’ve formed some pretty solid opinions on Facebook Home as it runs on the HTC First. When I initially heard about Facebook home, I thought to myself that I would never use a launcher like that.  At the time, I didn’t even have a Facebook app on my personal device, why would I want a launcher?  Now that… Read more

Facebook’s New “Launch Day” Ad For Facebook Home Features Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Home may be the “it” story of the Android world for the moment, and a new commercial for its”launch day” even features CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The good news is that the commercial isn’t nearly as painful to get through as HTC’s’ most recent marketing effort. What it does feature is “Joey,” a Facebook employee who is playing with his own HTC First… Read more

PSA: Facebook Home And The HTC First Launch Tomorrow!

If you’re an avid Facebook user, or just want to try something new, Facebook Home is coming out tomorrow! A launcher and lockscreen that combine the usability of a launcher with your social feed displayed as a background. It also includes a unique way to message others called Chat Heads. Read this article for an explanation of how it works! Many of… Read more

Facebook Home APKs Leak, Allows For Side-Loading Adventures

Facebook Home

Facebook Home will make its official debut on the HTC first this Friday, but Paul O’Brien over at Modaco is giving you a chance to try it early. Thanks a trio of APKs, Modaco is offering the set from a pre-release HTC First ROM, but admits they are “rather buggy” and not very functional. Aspects like Chat Heads don’t work, and considering how much I… Read more