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Tegra 4 Reference Tablet Contains SanDisk iNAND Extreme Memory

Remember those Tegra 4 benchmarks from NVIDIA’s reference tablet? Part of the reason they are so high is because NVIDIA and SanDisk have a partnership, and they used iNAND Extreme memory in the device. One of the biggest issues with devices is a memory bottleneck (very evident with some ASUS devices), causing the device to slow to a crawl when there are… Read more

*1-Day Deal Alert* Amazon holds GREAT Gold Box Deals On SanDisk SSD, SD, MicroSD, And USB Flash Memory

Android users are always in need of more and more memory to cope with their heavy media demands.  Well Amazon has come to answer your prayers and has a special 1-Day Deal going on for flash based storage. As some may know –  recently Best Buy held a similar sale but this current Amazon deal just outdoes it in every way. And for those of you that… Read more