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Verizon HTC Rezound Gets Yet Another ICS Leak

Verizon HTC Rezound owners have been having a good month! Another ICS leak has emerged for them to try out. The latest build is 3.14.605.5, with a build date of April 28th. For people who are using the Rezound on Verizon, updating is a no brainer. The leak brings new radios and a ton of bug fixes. The lockscreen shortcut settings are now separate… Read more

Why Has Flash Storage In Mobile Devices Plateaued?

I still remember when the first iPhone came out. The base model came with a paltry 4GB of flash storage, which wasn’t enough for two movies off of 4GB DVDs. Of course, flash storage was more expensive back then. Even iPods were short on flash storage. But a year later, the iPhone 3G came out and heroically doubled the flash storage available to 8GB in… Read more

Chrome Beta for Android First Impressions [Video]

Now that Chrome Beta for Android has been available for a bit, I’ve taken some time to develop my first impressions of the application. It’s obvious that the Chrome team is a separate division of Google that does its own thing, but we really like what they’ve done so far, especially with the tablet experience. It feels like a “real” web browser now…. Read more

Adobe Flash Player updated for Android 4.0

Android has always been known to be one of the few mobile operating systems to run Flash content, but that feature was initially missing from Ice Cream Sandwich. Many customers noticed this when they first got their Galaxy Nexus, but Adobe has finally updated their plug-in. Available via the Market, it should run on all the new Ice Cream Sandwich phones… Read more

Adobe Flash Player gets performance and security update

Adobe Flash Player, though it is slated for obsolescence, received an update yesterday. If you haven’t already been notified, please head over to the Market and grab the apk. Android’s Flash Player gets updated to which admittedly does not come with any major feature updates, but does promise to improve security, stability, performance, and… Read more

Flash 10.2 beta announced for next week

Probably the biggest gripe surrounding the Motorola Xoom is the lack of Flash. It was an included feature when unveiled, but when launched it was nowhere to be found. Fortunately, that’s about to change as today Adobe has announced Flash 10.2 beta. Available in the Android Market starting March 18th, Flash 10.2 will initially only be available for… Read more

Kongregate back for good this time?

Just as quickly as Game Stop’s Flash-based gaming portal Kongregate took the Android Market by storm, it was yanked from it’s position, fate left unknown. In a nutshell, Google didn’t like how much the app mimicked another app store. That would have been a completely valid reason if true – yes technically some games would be downloaded and stored via SD… Read more

Kongregate Arcade hits the Android Market

When Game Stop acquired Kongregate roughly six months ago, there was good reason to believe the gaming giant was looking to become more active in the online entertainment market. After all, Kongregate is essentially an online Flash portal designed around community involvement. Well today we finally get to take a good look at where Game Stop is looking… Read more

Adobe: Flash video acceleration for Chrome OS top priority

One of the primary complaints of those who have been lucky enough to get in on Google’s pilot test program for their CR-48 Chrome OS nebook has been Flash video performance. Quirks and bugs can be expected at this stage of the game. After all, those with Google’s rubberized notebook in their laps have them for the sole purpose of discovering problems. And… Read more