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Flash Player for Android receives mystery update

Flash Player 10.1 for Android received an update today, bringing the app up to version Unfortunately, this update is not the 10.2 beta available for desktops now. In fact, there is no recent changes listed for the app, so it’s not really clear exactly what the update includes. Everyone’s best guess lies along the lines of bug fixes and… Read more

Adobe warns of Flash 10.1 security flaw and promises fix

A security flaw in Adobe Flash 10.1 is affecting both desktop ( and Android ( versions. As the official advisory doesn’t explicitly state that earlier versions are ok, users should be wary of the sites they visit, and maybe just disable Flash until a fix arrives. Odds are, with the way Flash performs on Android, you won’t miss it all… Read more

Adobe changes minimum reqs for Flash on Android devices

Adobe has recently changed the minimum requirements for Android devices needed to run Flash 10.1, and it may just effect more than you think. For devices with VGA screens, you’ll need a Cortex A8 clocked at 550MHz or more. For WVGA devices, which is where this gets interesting, you’ll need an A8 at 800MHz. So why is this such a big deal? The Motorola… Read more

Android 2.2 to support Flash 10.1

Today, The New York Times published an interview with Google’s VP of Engineering, Andy Rubin.  The topic of the day: Android. While much of the conversation revolved around the philosophy of an “open” platform, there was some very specific discussion about Flash support for Android 2.2. Here’s a quote from interviewer Brad Stone He also promised… Read more

Android, Flash 10.1, and battery life

There has been a lot of talk in the last few days about Nexus Ones running the Desire ROM from Paul at MoDaCo, which includes Flash 10.1. We’ve seen demonstration videos, and lots of speculation about Flash’s drain on the battery. But Adobe caught wind of the hubbub and decided to clear a few things up. First of all, they say the ROM employs an alpha… Read more

Adobe focuses on smartphones with Flash

Adobe’s been in the news almost every week, in one way or another, over the last few weeks. You’ve heard, right? Adobe’s CTO, Kevin Lynch has certainly heard, and he’s pretty outspoken on the whole thing. He wants to set the record straight in regards to how people look at his company, and think about their product, and he’s got a pretty good strategy to… Read more

Google prepares Flash player for standard Android

One of the highlights of Sense UI gracing the Android Operating System, was HTC’s decision to include Flash player capabilities within the browser. Of course, as most things are, it was met with all sorts of reviews: some saying the idea and implementation was great, to others saying they wish it never would have happened. Well, hopefully your personal… Read more

Adobe Flash and AIR for Android

Adobe announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that Flash and AIR would be available for the Android platform in the first half of the year as part of a broader effort by the Open Screen Project to bring the software to a vast bevy of phones running the BlackBerry platform, Symbian OS, Palm’s webOS and Windows Mobile. Adobe also released the beta… Read more

Android News Mix: Gingerbread Edition

Feeling low on your Android news diet? We’ve got the answer. Three cookie-sized (get it?) pieces of news small enough we can fit them in a single article, but big enough we can’t let them pass. First up, the next pastry-inspired codename for the Android OS will be Gingerbread, according to a Googler. It is anybody’s guess what name will begin with… Read more