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Flash Lite installed in the Nexus One stock browser

I’m not finding any other information on this right now, but here’s a video of the N1 playing a YouTube video within the browser. I’ll post instructions or a link if I can find them. UPDATE: Word is that this came from an insider who is contracting with Adobe. You’re not likely to find any tutorials that’ll get this running on your device. Via… Read more

Flash 10.1 Running on a Motorola Droid

We’ve been hearing the chatter from the depths of the Motorola and Android worlds that we should be seeing Flash 10.1 soon. Well, that time may be sooner than you think. Adobe dropped this nice little video yesterday showing off Flash 10.1 cruising nicely on a Droid running… Read more

Nexus One showing off Adobe Flash

WindowsMobile and WebOS have already been able to enjoy the perks of Adobe’s Flash 10.1 beta. But now Android can join the Party too with the Nexus One getting full Flash support from Adobe. We first got wind of 10.1 beta exactly 3 months ago with adobe revealing that they were working on an “every system compatible” version of their Flash software. Now… Read more