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LG Creates Flexible Battery Using Same Tech As Existing Batteries

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qws9XeKW3ws&feature=player_embedded Batteries are the biggest bottleneck for current devices. Sure, you can have the biggest camera sensors, beefiest processors, and brightest screens, but what good will it do if your battery is dead? Battery technology has improved very little in the last few years, so manufacturers make… Read more

Samsung to Produce Semi-Flexible Displays by Q4 This Year

As we know, and as I’ve joked many times before, Samsung is always talking about the “Next Big Thing.” In addition, they have been hinting at the possibility of flexible displays for quite some time now. These panels, officially named, Youm, are not only flexible, but they are also much thinner (0.6mm) and virtually indestructible. The real kicker… Read more