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Samsung Officially Introduces The Galaxy Note 8.0 To The World

With a brief leak this morning it was only a matter of hours before Samsung dropped the Galaxy Note 8.0 to the world, and as of this evening they’ve done exactly that. Samsung unwrapped the Galaxy Note 10.1 this time last year so it’s fitting that their unveiling yet another addition to the Note lineup with a new 8″ model. The new Galaxy Note 8.0 will sit… Read more

Flipboard Announces New York Times Integration

The team behind the Flipboard application continue to impress us with additions to their recently released application .  The latest addition is the inclusion of the New York Times.  This well-known publication recently launched their ‘NYT Everywhere’ initiative to expand their presence by utilizing third-party platforms such as Flipboard.  Beginning… Read more

Flipboard Now Officially Released For Android!

Flipboard, the very popular iOS news reader, has been officially released for Android.  We reported previously that the Samsung Galaxy S III was the only officially supported device for Flipboard, but it would soon be expanded to other Android devices.  The creators of this stylish application have now announced that Flipboard is now available for… Read more

Google+ Comes To Flipboard, Adds News Streams In The App

Google Vice President of Product Management Bradley Horowitz dropped a nice piece of news as he spoke at the Le Web ’12 conference in London as Google+ partners with Flipboard, adding Google+ streams in the app. The streams are said to launch “soon” as part of Google’s new Google+ APIs, which are now extended to provide more content from Google’s… Read more

Flipboard To Be Released From Galaxy S III Shackles Soon

Flipboard may be a niche news app, but it’s certainly carved itself out a very large niche over on the iOS side of things. While it still may be officially shackled to the Galaxy S III, word from Flipboard is that the application will soon be available on all Android devices soon. By concentrating on one device, with one screen size and resolution,… Read more

Flipboard for Android Review [Video]

Now that the download of Flipboard for Android is now unofficially available for anyone to try, let’s take a deeper video look a the application! The app is definitely nice! Eye candy is there, smooth animations are present and functionality is maintained from the iOS counterpart. There’s also a Flipboard widget that was not covered in the video,… Read more