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OSCON will feature a host of Googlers at the end of July

If you’re in or around Portland, or will be from July 25th to 29th, and you’re interested in open source software, the Oregon Convention Center will be the place to be. O’Reilly’s 2011 OSCON (Open Source Convention) will be taking place there, and will be hosting a variety of workshops, keynotes, tutorials, and other geeky events. According to the… Read more

Google preaches open source gospel in D.C.

Last December, GNU/Linux/FLOSS contributor and advocate Jeremy Allison sat down with Google’s biggest FOSS wig, Chris DiBona to discuss a year of open source software at the Big G, including the Google Summer of Code, WebM, and all sorts of other issues and projects that come under Chris’ purview as the company’s open source and… Read more