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Swiftkey Introduces Their “Flow” Gesture Keyboard With The Release Of Swiftkey 4

There are few apps that remind me just how amazing the open-source default app replacement culture is on Android more than Swiftkey. Which is why the introduction of Swiftkey 4 excites me to no end as their “Flow” gesture typing is a major step forward for the Swiftkey platform and by default one of the most popular, if not the most popular Android… Read more

New Version Of SwiftKey Flow Beta Released

SwiftKey Flow beta has continually been updated and improved, getting better and better with each release. With this new one, there are a ton of bug fixes to make your typing experience easier. Here’s a full changelog: Changes in this version: * Fixed crash on changing keyboards * Fixed force close on clicking update language * Fixed other… Read more

SwiftKey Flow Beta Starting Soon, Sign Up Now!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kA5Horw_SOE If you have forgotten, here’s a reminder: SwiftKey Flow is near the start of public beta testing, so prepare yourself. If you haven’t signed up for access to the beta, hit the source link and do so now! If you have, you should have received an email from them today. SwiftKey Flow is a new upcoming feature in… Read more

Monsoon Multimedia demos new members of Vulkano line at CES

We covered Monsoon’s place-shifting, time-shifting, mobile-gadget-friendly line of TV “slingers” in July. The Vulkano boxes were a bit pricey, running from $259 to $379 depending on storage capacity. But Monsoon now has some new Vulkano gadgets lined up for the budget conscious gedgeteur with price points at $99 and $199. The lower end model, Flow,… Read more

Hexxeh introduces Lime series of Chrome OS builds

Those of you that have been testing and tinkering with Google’s Chrome OS since before the launch of their Cr-48 pilot program no doubt have heard of Hexxeh, the hacker behind the famously enhanced version of Chrome OS, Flow and a super-simple USB flash drive boot. Flow featured improved hardware support over Google’s early releases as well as some… Read more