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Change Your Phone Number On Sprint Without A $15 Charge

If you want to change your phone number on Sprint, you have a new option. Not only is it an easier option, but it’s also free. You can change your number online in your account settings, avoiding the $15 fee that’s associated with changing it and not having to call anyone or leave the house. Quite nice of Sprint, though I’m sure they benefit from getting… Read more

Get A Free Android Phone For Ordering From Chili’s Online

We’ve seen promotions aplenty here at DroidDog, but here’s a first: Chili’s is offering a free Android phone for those who order from them online. Said free phone requires a new contract and data plan, but there’s a couple decent handsets. The one that sticks out most is the DROID Bionic, which normally goes for $99 on-contract from Verizon. A good deal… Read more

T-Mobile To Crack Down On Free Android Tethering

Apparently, T-Mobile accidentally offered free tethering all this time. Though they had a service for tethering for $15 per month, people didn’t need to buy it. They could just tether on Android, and T-Mobile couldn’t charge them. I know AT&T uses a special system app to keep you from tethering, which, when frozen/deleted with root, unlocks free… Read more

Calculations for Android [Video]

Calculations 4.0 is everything the calculator in Android 4.0 should have been. It’s a 5-in-one multitool for your ICS device and utilizes the “Holo” theme that we love to see in new apps. Enjoy the video and full review! Calculator This is an enhancement of the stock ICS calculator application. The T-9 number pad on the bottom is complimented by a… Read more

Angry Birds Space Review [Video]

Angry Birds Space is a continuation of Rovio’s super popular Angry Birds series of games. The physics in this iteration, however, bring an interesting twist to the familiar concept. You’re still smashing pigs with birds, but this time you’re firing from one planet to the next, entering and exiting gravitational fields. Interested in seeing it in action?… Read more

Photoshop Express for Android [Video]

Adobe has been making its rounds on various mobile platforms in the last few days, so it looks like a good time to revisit what you can do for free on your Android device. Adobe Photoshop Express is available for free in the Android market and will work on both phones and tablets. The feature set is a pretty decent expansion from the built in Android photo… Read more

Official Vimeo for Android App Review [Video]

The Official Vimeo app for Android has been available for a bit more than week now, and has received a lot of feedback and constructive criticism. While a lot of websites’ applications mimic the mobile version of their website, it’s important to include unique features to distinguish the app experience from the web browser experience, and give the user a… Read more

Android 4.0 Keyboard Review [Video]

The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard is available for free in the Android market. Not only does it provide updated colors and visuals, the keyboard is actually significantly better than the keyboard in Gingerbread. I was surprised after just a few hours of use at how much more usable this ICS keyboard actually made my phone. Just another reason to be… Read more