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Fring with group video calls enters the Android Market

If you think back some three weeks ago, you may remember a post here on DroidDog announcing the limited beta for Fring with group video calls. Well that limited beta is finally over, and available starting today, you can now download the newest version of Fring with group video calls from the Android Market and iOS App Store. The new group video chat… Read more

Fring group calling goes into beta

Feeling cramped by the limitations of two-way video calling? With a new beta available for limited release, Fring will be doing away with that two caller limit imposed by most video chat applications, allowing for up to four people to participate in one group video call. As of right now, access to the group video calling beta is limited. Once all… Read more

FringOut “coming soon” to Android

For quite some time now, Fring for Android has given users the ability to make video and voice calls to other Fring users for free. Until now, there hasn’t been a way to contact someone not using Fring, like on oh you know, Skype. This is exactly what FringOut aims to change with it’s 1 cent a minute domestic and international calling rates. To quite a few… Read more