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Is this Android 2.2?

Please. Please, please, please take this with a giant grain of salt. What you see before you may very well be Android 2.2, AKA, FroYo. There is a video floating around on the net (see: here) that shows a Nexus One playing some Flash material. We have been hearing for awhile now that Flash will come with 2.2 (which will launch at Google I/O this month), so… Read more

Native Apps2SD coming soon

Leave it to your resident Android nerds here at DroidDog to give you just the kind of news you’d want to hear on a weekend. Ever since the release of Android, the ability to store apps on your SD card has been mysteriously missing. As usual, rooted users have known this joy for quite some time now. Alberto Vildosola recently found the following on the… Read more

Android 2.2 to support Flash 10.1

Today, The New York Times published an interview with Google’s VP of Engineering, Andy Rubin.  The topic of the day: Android. While much of the conversation revolved around the philosophy of an “open” platform, there was some very specific discussion about Flash support for Android 2.2. Here’s a quote from interviewer Brad Stone He also promised… Read more