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Dyzplastic Android Figures Make My Heart Melt

When I first saw these little guys I thought to myself, “DO WANT!” Then I calmed myself down and thought, “I would really like some of these.” … Ahem. A company called Dyzplastic and an artist by the name of Andrew Bell have teamed up and are putting out an entire series of 3″ vinyl Android figures with moving heads and arms. The first series will… Read more

Donut at Googleplex

Here’s the new line-up outside of GoogHQ. Remember how they teased us with photos like this before the release of Cupcake? Of course, as 1.5 was then, the Donut update is now available – early – in the form of cooked ROMs. I’m starting to think they should replace the Android with a giant, proportionally correct bust of Homer Simpson…. Read more