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MobileCity prices the LG G-Slate

Sure there are plenty of you out there enjoying your Motorola Xoom (unboxed), but what about those who are waiting for the first 3D Honeycomb based tablet? Online retailer MobileCity has a holding page for the LG G-Slate live now that features a price, but unfortunately no estimated time of arrival. So what does MC say the Slate will run you? A cool… Read more

LG Optimus Pad transforms in newest promo video

LG teasing another one of their devices before MWC? You don’t say! If you don’t know LG’s entire MWC lineup by now, you must not be paying attention. Today the company has released yet another video for the Optimus Pad, or G-Slate, this time featuring a little star-power: Optimus Prime, or at least a look-alike. At first glance, the video would appear… Read more

Videos: LG videos tease Optimus and G-Slate 3D capabilities

The video above was pulled the first time it was posted, earlier today. Someone foresaw the plugging of the leak and saved the video for reposting. There’s no telling how long it will last this time around. Though we’ve seen all of the LG G-Slate–bits and pieces making cameo appearances in strange places–this is the first time we’ve heard LG say that… Read more

T-Mobile’s 2-for-1 night: LG G-Slate announced

Announced alongside the Galaxy S 4G tonight is the next device in T-Mobile’s Android pioneering G series, the hotly anticipated G-Slate from LG. The G-Slate is T-Mobile and LG’s answer to Verizon’s Motorola Xoom, and features specs capable of blowing any current Android device out of the water. Not only can the G-Slate boast a Nvidia Tegra 2… Read more

Video: Another glimpse of the LG G-Slate 3D camera

MysteryGuitarMan is considering starting a semi-daily vlog content stream in addition to his music videos, and in the first test, he talks quite a bit about 3D video. Near the end of that video, he shows of a couple off pieces of gear he has for producing 3D content and one of them seems to be T-Mobile’s upcoming LG G-Slate. The Honeycomb-rocking tablet… Read more

Ping…pong: 3D G-Slate rumor reversal

David from TMoNews was the first man on the scene with any information on T-Mobile and LG’s coming G-Slate besides the little hints that the two companies presented us with at their announcement in Vagas at CES. David’s information indicated that the G-Slate would work in conjunction with a pair of 3D glasses, though he wasn’t certain about… Read more

Will T-Mobile’s G-Slate rock 3D features?

Information on T-Mobile’s upcoming Honeycomb tablet, the LG G-Slate, has been scarce. T-Mobile and LG gave us very little to go on with their announcement at CES. We’re all expecting the gadget to be launched to soe fanfare at MWC in Barcelona in a few weeks, but what will make this tablet stand out amongst the sizable crowd of Android tablets currently… Read more

Register with T-Mobile for G-Slate updates

T-Mobile has revealed a product updates page for their forthcoming Honeycomb tablet, LG’s G-Slate. Drop in your name, email, and check a couple of boxes, and you’ll be set to receive email updates when more information about the G-Slate is available. I’m guessing that T-Mobile customers, as per the standard, will get dibs on pre-orders and then first… Read more

LG’s Optimus 2X and G-Slate release window, 3D secret?

Our friend David over at TMoNews has received some information on Magenta’s plans for a few months from now, and while it can only be considered rumor at the moment, David does have a knack for getting accurate information before T-Mobile employees have it. The leak is as follows: LG’s Optimus 2X dual-core smartphone and their G-Slate Android tablet… Read more