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Winner of DroidDog’s Second Hacked G1 Giveaway

Congratulations to Devon B. from Orlando, Florida! He is the winner of DroidDog’s Second Hacked G1 Giveaway! Enjoy, Devon. I hope this phone proves useful in your work. I know that our friends around the globe have been waiting a long time to be included in our giveaways and that many of you were hoping for a winner from another country this time… Read more

Winner of the Rooted G1 Retweet Giveaway

Congratulations to Leslie W. of Cerritos, CA, who just earned himself a hacked phone with nothing more than a tweet! I’m not sure what the next giveaway will be, or when it will begin, but we’ll put *something* cool together. Stay tuned to DroidDog and follow me on Twitter for updates. Thanks for your support,… Read more

G1 getting 2.0 this month?

Well, it’s not much to go on but there is a little bit of buzz on Twitter that the G1 will see and update by the end of January. Most people are assuming this update will bring Android 2.x to the old beater. I’m taking this for what it is. We’ll see. Via Android… Read more

DroidDog rooted G1 giveaway!

EDIT: THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER! THANKS FOR TRYING! The Contest: Have you been curious about hacking phones but didn’t want to risk destroying your own? Maybe you jut can’t afford a spare or maybe you want to add a fifth to your collection. Whatever the case, this is the easiest way to get into a hacked G1 without spending any cash. I’m also opening… Read more

T-Mobile G1 to recieve 2.x OTA

It seems like a few of you may be getting your Christmas wish after all. Sources say that Android 2.0 and 2.0.1 have already been prepared as OTA updates and are ready for release come next year. This will come as a relief to many as it was once believed that the Eclair update would be too big for the G1′s internal memory that had been set aside for the… Read more

Google Nav is ready for your G1

Well, a hacked version is, anyway. You probably remember when the instructions hit xda-developers, but those were for tinkerers higher up in the geek chain than most of us. These new ones’ll do for your average modder. Just tonight someone emailed me the file used to update Cyanogen to the latest Google Maps, but I was too busy writing a paper… Read more

Google Nav on the G1

Serious tinkerers can get the Droid exclusive, Google Navigation, right now. The rest of us can wait for what will likely be a short period of time before some clever chef makes Google Nav available to everyone with a rooted G1, via cooked ROM. Seriously though, aren’t all G1′s rooted now? Via… Read more