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WiFi Only Galaxy Camera Announced For $449

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a very interesting concept, but was released at a high price. Not only was the device $500, but you also had to pay for a data plan. And while the hardware was worth the price, with the big 4.8″ display and quad core processor inside, it didn’t quite take photos worth $500. So Samsung has announced a WiFi only model of their… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Camera Receiving 4.1.2 OTA Update In The UK

Who knew cameras can receive OTA updates? The Samsung Galaxy Camera, one of the first Android powered cameras (and one of the best), is now getting its first update in the United Kingdom. The update is a bump to Android version 4.1.2 and adds the new Galaxy Note II gallery. This means you get a few more tools to play with, as well as three different… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Camera For Verizon Announced, $550 With LTE

We knew this day was coming. After a Galaxy Camera with Verizon LTE bands went through the FCC and Samsung put it up on their site, it was fairly obvious that they would announce it soon. Well today, Samsung and Verizon announced the Samsung Galaxy Camera, running on Verizon’s massive 4G LTE network. Verizon’s version of the Galaxy Camera remains… Read more

Samsung Product Page Confirms Verizon Galaxy Camera

Samsung is pretty serious about selling the Galaxy Camera. While it is already available on AT&T, we saw a model with Verizon LTE bands go through the FCC earlier. Today, Samsung confirmed the Verizon Galaxy Camera with a product page. That’s already two of the biggest carriers in the US about to be selling this device, and Verizon will hopefully match… Read more

Deal: Samsung Galaxy Camera For $450, $50 Off

If you’ve been interested in the Samsung Galaxy Camera (and we wouldn’t blame you, it’s a very interesting concept), here is your chance to grab one. Without any sort of contracts, you can get this 3G HSPA+ model for only $450. That might be $50 off the original price, but that’s still a good price for such a high tech device. With an Exynos quad… Read more