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Galaxy Lite and X10 headed for T-Mo UK

Noah from PhoneDog has a good leak for our UK readers today: Samsung’s Galaxy Lite and Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X10 are expected to be launched on Magenta across the pond in January and February, respectively. Apparently, the Galaxy date of January 15th is a sure thing, whereas the X10 details are a bit sketchy. Noah’s tipster acknowledges the “09″… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Lite dummy pics

I’m going to concur with Android Central and say that these are dummy units, except that I say they dont just “kind of, sort of” look like dummy units; those cereal box screens are either cardboard cut-outs or the best e-ink I’ve ever seen. I am more excited about the Galaxy Lite than I am about Tattoo, and I hope TMoNews is right in saying that this one… Read more

Galaxy Lite is lookin purty sweet

Thanks to Android Guys for giving the heads up on some Galaxy Lite news over at ai.rs – the site responsible for the pics and video below. The source doesn’t expect to see those green battery covers on the street but I think they’re a good idea. This phone is aimed at a younger audience that might not have the cash to shell out for the more… Read more