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Sprint Galaxy Nexus Update Removes Local Search

Sprint announced a new update rolling out for the Galaxy Nexus last night and unlike the other features contained in the update, they conveniently “forgot” to mention that this update removed the local search feature from the device. This means that you’ll no longer be able to search things both on the web and on your device from the Google Search bar…. Read more

Sprint Galaxy Nexus Receiving Software Update Tomorrow, This One Isn’t Jelly Bean Either

Just a couple of days ago the Verizon Galaxy Nexus was tipped to receive a new update and now the Sprint variant is also going to be receiving an update. The downside? Neither of them are Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Be that as it may, they’re still beneficial with the Sprint version containing a new received signal strength indicator (RSSI), support for… Read more

New Leak Says That The Verizon Galaxy Nexus May Be Getting A New Update, No, It’s Not Jelly Bean

Even though Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has already been announced by Google and begun rolling out to other Nexus devices, the Verizon Galaxy Nexus still has no dice. Well, a new screenshot shows that a new OTA update is in the works for the Galaxy Nexus but unfortunately it’s not Jelly Bean, Nope, this one is build IMM76Q but it brings a new baseband and… Read more

ClockworkMod Recovery v6 Release Build For Galaxy Nexus

A few days ago I wrote a story about Koush teasing us about some new ClockworkMod Recovery v6 features with no reported release date.  Now, the new ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) v6.0.0.4 has been released the the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and is being touted as the release build.  Koush posted on his Google+ about this release and along with other updates on… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Available From Google Play Store Once Again, Ships Later This Month With Android 4.1

After Samsung’s appeal for a temporary stay on the ban of the Galaxy Nexus, the handset has been made available in Google’s Play Store once again. Unfortunately, customers will have to wait between 2 to 3 weeks to get their hands on the newly-outfitted Android 4.1 handset. The delay is said to have been caused by the need to update all Galaxy Nexus… Read more