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Samsung Officially Introduces The Galaxy Note 8.0 To The World

With a brief leak this morning it was only a matter of hours before Samsung dropped the Galaxy Note 8.0 to the world, and as of this evening they’ve done exactly that. Samsung unwrapped the Galaxy Note 10.1 this time last year so it’s fitting that their unveiling yet another addition to the Note lineup with a new 8″ model. The new Galaxy Note 8.0 will sit… Read more

Galaxy Note 8.0 Found At Samsung’s Mobile World Congress Booth

Any lingering doubts that Samsung didn’t have a 8.0″ Galaxy Note in the works can now be safely put to rest as the soon-to-be-announced tablet is spotted at the in-construction Samsung Mobile World Congress booth. Thanks to an anonymous tipster, Engadget got their hands on two images of the Galaxy Note 8.0 taken off the show floor earlier today… Read more

Samsung GT-N5110 Goes Through FCC, Looks Like Galaxy Note 8.0 Leaks

We’re afraid that this is the final design of the rumored Galaxy Note 8.0. It recently went through the FCC, showing off its device and the S Pen slot visible on the bottom left. And with the GT-N5110 model number, it’s almost the same as the N5100 of the Note 8.0. Usually, Samsung makes the WiFi only model have a higher model number (WiFi Tab 10.1 was… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Possibly Seen In Use

Here we have a photo of what seems to be the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. We aren’t sure that it’s real, but it’s hard to deny that it looks like a Samsung. Rounded similarly to the Galaxy S III, the tablet actually features physical buttons. This is a first for a Samsung tablet (aside from the original Tab 7 running Gingerbread) and a very strange… Read more

Galaxy Note 8.0 Leaked Photo, Most Likely Fake

A photo of the Galaxy Note 8.0 has been leaked by the folks at SamMobile, and it really provokes some thought. Let’s dive deeper into this, shall we? First of all, the device has a speaker grille up top. That’s generally a feature reserved for phones, not tablets. Second, every Samsung Galaxy Tab to my knowledge has had a flash. My original Tab 10.1 had… Read more

Samsung Roadmap For First Half Of 2013 Leaks, Shows Note 8.0

Today we have a leaked Samsung roadmap, planning out the next half year in releases. Obviously, you can see it’s missing the Galaxy S IV and possibly others, but it has a few interesting devices. First up is the Galaxy Note 8.0, a tablet rumored many times. There’s nothing new, but seeing it again just strengthens the fact that it’s coming. It should be… Read more

A Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Might Be Revealed At Mobile World Congress

It looks like there may be a Galaxy Note 8.0 in the works and it might just be revealed at Mobile World Congress. The tablet at hand, called the GT-N5100, or GT-N5110 WiFi only version, as Samsung’s naming scheme goes, will actually be geared more toward the budget crowd. It will feature an 8.0″ 1280×800 Super Clear LCD display up front, which will make… Read more