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AT&T Adding Multi-Window To Their Galaxy Note II Tomorrow

AT&T is the only carrier left that hasn’t added back the multi-window feature to their Galaxy Note II. We don’t know why it disappeared from the US models in the first place, but each one has been putting it back in through updates. AT&T is finally doing the same, releasing the update as an OTA tomorrow. It should be a small update, but it will add the… Read more

UK Samsung Galaxy S III Owners Are The First To Receive The “Premium Suite” Upgrade

If you’re an international Galaxy S III owner and the multi-window capabilities of the Galaxy Note II have you feeling pangs of jealousy, UK owners have some good news. Remember that forthcoming “Premium Suite” Samsung has shown off the past two weeks, well it’s arriving for UK Galaxy S III owners right now. You’ll get some useful extras… Read more

New Rumor Says Samsung Galaxy Note III Will Feature 6.3″ Display

If a new Korea Times report is to be believed, Samsung is planning to produce a 6.3″ display for their next generation Galaxy Note for a 2013 arrival. That’s a pretty big bump in display size considering the jump between the current Galaxy Note II and its predecessor was only 0.2″. According to the Korea Times rumor mill, Samsung will work to… Read more

Galaxy Note II Getting 4.1.2 Update Packed With New Features

The Samsung Galaxy Note II had a leaked Android 4.1.2 build a while ago, and now the official update is rolling out to some people internationally. Though the change from 4.1.1 to 4.1.2 isn’t big, Samsung made it even better with a bunch of new features. The one that is most useless but most awesome is the new ink effect. As you probably know, touching… Read more