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Samsung Releases Ad For Best Face Feature On The Note II

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cARsuXKdD8Y#! In this small ad by Samsung, a Galaxy Note II feature called Best Face is being shown off. It’s an awesome feature that allows you to snap lot of photos, then choose between faces for each person. You can select the best face for each individual and make the perfect group photo. It’s a… Read more

Verizon Galaxy Note II Gets Rooted, No Bootloader Unlock Yet

Less than a week after release, Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Note II has been rooted. Considering all the bloatware carriers put on phones these days, root is very important (even if you never flash a ROM). Unfortunately, even if you wanted to flash a ROM, you couldn’t. A custom recovery for the Verizon Note II doesn’t exist yet, and the bootloader remains… Read more

Samsung Rumored To Be Working On The Samsung Galaxy SIV, Galaxy Note Variant, And New 13.3 Tablet

Looks like Monday morning is when the rumor mill likes to churn. SamMobile has just received some fresh rumors from Korea that confirm that there are three new devices in the works. SamMobile has been accurate with their rumors before, and this time around we’re hoping lightning strikes again. The first device to be in the works is the Samsung Galaxy… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note II Now Available On Verizon For $299

Good morning Verizon fans as the clock strikes November 29th and you know what that means — the Galaxy Note II (and it’s big Verizon home button logo) are now available. With a two-year service agreement, the Note II on the Big Red network will run you $299 and is the very same Galaxy Note II we’ve seen pop up around the world. Minus the horribly… Read more

Deal: AT&T Galaxy Note II On Sale For $175 For New Customers And $200 For Upgrades

If you are looking to get a Samsung Galaxy Note II on AT&T, now is a good time to get one. On Amazon Wireless, an AT&T Note II will only set you back $175 if you’re a new customers. This is an absolute steal for this powerhouse. If you’re a returning customer with an upgrade, it’ll be a bit pricier for you at $200. It’s still a very low price, $100 less… Read more

Galaxy Note II Ad Shows Off Liquid Pixels Art Project

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JUS-hHhbzxA Samsung has created an ad out of a real art project by Steak Studio. The project’s goal was to create a pool of water with “pixels” made out of little jets that were wirelessly controlled by a Samsung Galaxy Note II. 10 days of work, all aided by the massive device, culminated in the… Read more

Robotic Pants Sitting On Smartphones? That’s How Samsung Stress Tests Their Phones

If you’ve ever watched a cheesy sci-fi movie then you know that in the future, we’re all going to be robots. But just how well can our smartphones of today hold up to a robotic backside squashing them? Well, if Samsung has anything to do with it, then pretty well indeed. The video you see below was released by Samsung yesterday and shows some of the… Read more