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Galaxy Note II Camera Stuck At 8 Megapixels Due To Sony?

Rumors leading up to the official Samsung unveiling of the Galaxy Note II had us believing we might see the new phablet drop with a 13 megapixel camera. Unfortunately, the Note II stuck with the previous generations 8 megapixel camera, although the rumors weren’t exactly false. According to a new report, Sony was unable to provide Samsung with… Read more

LG Intuition For Verizon Launching Online On September 6th?

It looks like September 6th is shaping up to be a big day for Verizon’s Android lineup with the launch of not one, but two devices. With the Samsung Galaxy Stellar and the LG Intuition arriving the day after Verizon’s big announcement with Motorola, Big Red is certainly beefing up their Android lineup. The boys from Engadget got their hands on… Read more

Samsung giving free Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 to customers who upgrade to Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note in the UK

Samsung has announced that it is running a promotion in the UK which allows customers who are upgrading to the Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note to receive a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, free of charge. It does come with some caveats, though. The deal is only good for customers who trade in their Galaxy S II, iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, meaning the rest of you will have to… Read more

Watch Samsung’s Unpacked Livestream

Samsung’s latest Unpacked conference is just about to kick off, with the announcement of the Galaxy Note II as the main event. Not all of us are able to make it to Berlin to watch such a show, and Samsung is being kind enough to livestream the event. Check it out here, and be sure to let us know what you think of what Samsung reveals. The full timeline… Read more

Rumor: T-Mobile Could Be Cancelling The Galaxy Note

After a series of fishy events in the past 24 hours where the T-Mobile Galaxy Note was mysteriously disappearing from websites and being placed on backorder, a new rumor from Android Police claims that T-Mobile is indeed killing the Galaxy Note. A “very reliable industry source” told them that T-Mobile is giving the Galaxy Note EOL (End Of Life) status… Read more

Samsung Teases Mobile Unpacked 2012 With New Video

Oh Samsung, we’re really beginning to like these teaser trailers you put out before big announcements and this time, we believe we’re looking at a teaser for the Galaxy Note 2. While the video doesn’t directly highlight any particular device, the addition of a Stylus, director Wim Wenders, and all this talk about creativity tells us this is a Note… Read more