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Samsung Galaxy Note shows itself without TouchWiz, flaunts Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich

Yesterday, Samsung decided to use their USA-based Facebook page to showcase a brand new contest that they are taking the reigns on. It’s a ‘Spin & Win’ contest, and it promotes the chance to win a Galaxy Note as the grand prize. They are more than willing to show off the large device right there in the promotional material for the contest, along with its S… Read more

I went into Android withdrawal after only one day away

All of my friends know that I own multiple smartphones, 5 to be exact. Excessive, I know, but I like having every modern mobile operating system available to me. That’s right, I have two Android devices, a BlackBerry, a Windows Phone, and even an iPhone. For over a month I have been rocking a GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus as my daily driver, the best… Read more

Updated: Samsung Galaxy Note rumored to get Ice Cream Sandwich in the second quarter now

When the Galaxy Note was released, Samsung said that the update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the device that’s somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet would be released at some point within the first quarter of this year. That was good news for anyone purchasing the device, as it meant that it wouldn’t be that long of a wait to get the latest… Read more

Angry Birds Space exclusive Samsung content outlined

While Angry Birds Space was officially announced yesterday, today at South by Southwest Samsung is busy showcasing the new mobile game on their recently launched (here in the States) Galaxy Note. At the same time, they’re talking up a storm about the exclusive content that Samsung has managed to wrangle in for the upcoming game’s launch. The new title… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T now on sale

It has been a long time coming. In standard Samsung tradition, the manufacturer managed to bring in plenty of awareness for their huge 5.3-inch device with an international launch long before they ever even announced a launch here in the States. But after plenty of waiting, and wondering, the Galaxy Note by Samsung is finally here courtesy of AT&T. The… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket on AT&T now only $99 from Amazon

AT&T has been going strong with the Galaxy S II devices lately, with both the regular S II and S II Skyrocket currently available. The Skyrocket has a rather high $249 price tag through AT&T, but Amazon’s wireless store is looking to change that. With a new two-year contract, the phone can now be had for only $99. That’s an amazing price for a high-end… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note now available in Canada

In January, screenshots revealed that the Galaxy Note by Samsung would be launched in Canada by mid-February. Those initial reports have now been confirmed, as the Galaxy Note is available for purchase in the Great North starting today. The large phone/tablet hybrid device may make the perfect Valentine’s Day present for someone, but we imagine it would be… Read more