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Samsung Galaxy Note in pink set to arrive in March

It looks like the white version of the Galaxy Note by Samsung won’t be the only light-colored version to make it to the market. Thanks to an image sent in to GSMArena, it looks like Samsung is preparing to launch a pink-hued version of the huge phone as well. It isn’t surprising, considering the color variations that we’ve seen the manufacturer launch in… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note will walk the runway with Rag & Bone

While the Samsung Galaxy Note saw plenty of the attention given to it with the Super Bowl ad that either shocked or annoyed you, Samsung isn’t done bringing the spotlight down on the impending US launch of the device. Samsung has reportedly teamed up with fashion brand Rag & Bone to bring just a bit more attention to the Galaxy Note, and what better way to… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note for Rogers sees training begin

For Rogers employees, the excitement about the Samsung Galaxy Note must be staggering. The anticipation can’t be helping, either, considering we are only a week away from seeing the device’s launch in the Great North. And what may make it easier to wait, but all that much harder at the same time, is the brand new training that has kicked off for the… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note with LTE reaches 700,000 units sold to channels and distributors

Samsung has been reaching plenty of milestones lately, it seems. And while there are people who might say that the Galaxy Note LTE by Samsung is too big to be a phone, and too small to be a tablet, there’s no denying that the handset is continuing to make a huge impact on the market. According to a new report, Samsung has confirmed that they have sold… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note will receive Ice Cream Sandwich before the end of Q1

Long ago Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note would receive Ice Cream Sandwich sometime in 2012. Beyond that, we had no idea when it would be coming. That changes now, as Samsung’s Norway branch has just confirmed via Facebook that the update would be coming sometime in Q1. There is still a lot of time left in the quarter, but it it at… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T launching February 19

With the arrival of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year, there also came the announcement of the Galaxy Note by Samsung launching for a US-based carrier finally. AT&T has first crack at the huge device, and after plenty of speculation the Big Blue wireless carrier has decided to unveil not only the official launch date, but also the final… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note for Bell listed as coming soon

The Galaxy Note is making its presence around the world known with its huge display, but while we’re still waiting for the handset to launch on a carrier here in the States, it looks like Canadian wireless carrier Bell is getting ready to release the device on their own network here shortly. Bell has officially listed the Galaxy Note as “coming soon,” but… Read more