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Samsung Galaxy SIII First Impressions [Video]

I’ve had Samsung’s flagship Android device in my paws for a little bit now, and I figured it was time for a brief initial impressions video. So far my thoughts on the device have been very positive, and a number of things have stuck out to me, including the lightweight hardare, beautiful display and silky smooth performance. So sit back, relax and enjoy… Read more

Samsung Galaxy SIII – Hands-On and initial reaction [gallery]

Today has been a long one. At least it has been over here in the UK. Samsung just dropped the Galaxy SIII bomb in flamboyant style. They hired Suzi Perry to MC, and the London Philharmonic orchestra to play music in the background. There’s no doubt, the event was wired to make us get all excited and giddy. The final reveal was either the icing on the… Read more

Oh Look, Another Galaxy S III Spotted In The Wild

We’re just two days away from the real Galaxy S III announcement and wouldn’t you know it, another leaked device claims to be the “real” Galaxy S III. The boys at SamMobile have received two images of the device running Android 4.0.4 right out of the box. The device appears to be the GT-i9300, the very same device leaked by Gizmodo Brazil and then… Read more

Verizon’s Summer, Fall 2012 Roadmap Leaked?

We’re going to ask you to take this story with a grain of salt as BGR states they’ve received tips from a Verizon insider highlighting Verizon’s Fall, Summer 2012 roadmap. Except, this doesn’t seem like much of a roadmap so our guess is that Verizon has a lot more in store than what’s rumored here. First and foremost, BGR claims Verizon will indeed… Read more