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Verizon’s Galaxy S 4 Releasing A Bit Earlier, Now May 23rd

Verizon may have been very late to the party, but now we know they will be just a little less late. Verizon originally announced that their Galaxy S 4 would launch May 30th, but today they have released a statement that it would come out May 23rd. A week is no small period of time, so we’re sure Verizon customers are a little happier, but an entire… Read more

Both AT&T And T-Mobile Galaxy S 4s Getting OTA Updates

Two Samsung Galaxy S 4 models are getting updates today, namely the AT&T and the T-Mobile models. Both updates are fairly small OTA updates that will not change the Android version from 4.2.2, but it’s still nice to get some support so early on. The AT&T model gets an update that’s only 21MB and brings the software version up to I337UCUAMDL. There… Read more

Samsung Releases Two New Ads Highlighting Galaxy S 4 Features

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=W5TZQZFjEIo#! Samsung is doing what other companies struggle to do: make good commercials with a focus on their product’s features. Samsung’s first ad is called Grad Photo, which shows off their new Eraser Shot feature. It allows you to remove people from photos by taking multiple photos. In the… Read more

AT&T Getting A 32GB Galaxy S 4 On May 10th, Only $50 More

There was a big controversy going on about the Samsung Galaxy S 4 only having 8.8GB of memory available out of the 16GB it ships with. Though it has a microSD slot, a lot of content can’t be transferred. Games, Play Store media, and more live only on internal memory, and 8.8GB is very little. TouchWiz has gotten bigger, so why hasn’t memory accommodated… Read more